How To Prepare For A Trip To Gilgit During Winters


Beautiful landscapes, high mountains, and mighty rivers have added to the beauty of Pakistan. Every province depicts a new dimension of beauty, but the Gilgit has become the authentic charm of Pakistan. Thousands of people visit Gilgit every year, even during winters, to enjoy the snow and wintertime. Gilgit has modernized in terms of infrastructure, education, and other aspects with the increase in the rate of tourism. Hotels in Gilgit city are massive and luxurious to make the trips more remarkable and relaxing for the people. If one is planning to visit Gilgit this winter, they must keep the following tips in mind:

1. Take enough winter clothes: It is essential to understand that Gilgit experiences extreme cold weather, making it important to carry warm clothes. It will help one enjoy the weather without stressing over health.

2. Carry essential medication: If one is suffering from any health issues, they must take all the prescribed medicines along with them because due to snowfall, roads are often blocked, making it difficult to arrange any treatment.

3. Make proper Arrangements: It is essential to make prior bookings in preferred hotels to avoid issues after landing in Gilgit. Take things as per the count of the days one has planned to stay there to reduce the weight.

4. Decide the mode of travel: One should adequately decide how they will travel to Gilgit through trains or buses or commute with their private conveyance and should plan things accordingly. If an individual is going through private means, they must consider the fact that punctures and fuel issues are normal and should carry all the necessary items with them.

5. Plan the trip: It is crucial to plan each day of the journey to avoid missing any place or activities. Research about all the places one thinks are essential to visit and make a proper layout to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

6. Skincare: Winter is a dry season, and people must take lotions and moisturizers along with them to cold places to take care of their skin without any harm to it. Any skin problem can ruin the trip, be wise and take care of your skin.

7. Charged batteries or power banks: Due to extreme cold and snow, there are chances of electricity issues in Gilgit, which makes it essential to carry power banks to keep your phone alive. It will help one contact other members on the trip and ensure the safety of everyone.

8. Don’t forget the Camera: People often say that making memories is more important than taking pictures, but these pictures help recall beautiful moments.

Considering all the mentioned tips is vital to have an expectational trip and make the journey the most memorable. It is essential to keep a check on everything before going on a trip and look for the best hotels in Gilgit city because the comfortable place to live makes the trip more manageable. If one hasn’t started preparing to go to Gilgit, they should immediately schedule and make this winter the most exquisite one.


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