How to travel on budget across Pakistan


Whether you’re a tourist, or a local looking to explore and learn more about the rich culture that is embedded in every nook and cranny of Pakistan, being budget-conscious is a universal concern when traveling. In Pakistan, particularly, one can easily find themselves spending, on average, around PKR 11,660 daily, with the average hotel price for a double-occupancy room being around PKR 10,619— even during the off-season! Therefore, you must be wondering, what is the best possible way to travel on-budget across Pakistan? ( And what is the best possible ideal route?)


Our advice to you, albeit short, is guaranteed to be of help!


  1. Self-sufficiency is key— book things yourself; from your flight to your accommodation, and do them online, as some of the best, discounted services can be found online. Make sure to read the reviews of everything; a fun trip is a well-researched trip! Avoiding scams in Pakistan is a slippery slope, and more often than not, one can be roped into paying far more for a service that could have cost them less.
  2. Accommodation— The biggest issue one encounters, once again, is accommodation. To you, we say: look towards GoHo. GoHo is a recently launched, tech-enabled hotel chain with properties all across Pakistan, making traveling accessible and attainable for all. The main element of GoHo is that their services are extremely standardized; whether you are in the heart of Lahore, or in the peaceful mountain peaks of Skardu, once the day ends, you’ll find yourself with the calming consistency that comes from a comfortable and pleasant experience with GoHo. And not only are their services standardized but so are their prices! Whether you look to travel during the peak season or during the off-season, GoHo’s prices stay the same.
  3. Food— when in Pakistan, look local! Instead of going to the more popular restaurants, support small businesses—there is no shortage of local restaurants in Pakistan that are fulfilling, a great way to sample the traditional cuisine, and guaranteed to be some of the best food you will try.

Pakistan is one of the best places for traveling; as it is a unique melting pot of multiple cultures, ethnicities, and languages. This means that every place you travel to is teeming with new adventures, experiences, and sights. Don’t let the concern of cost or budget get in your way of having some fun, or taking a few well-deserved days off.


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