Sustainable tourism and hospitality in Pakistan


The success of the Travel and Tourism Industry in Pakistan is subject to multiple externalities. Throughout history, we have seen Political Agendas, Security Concerns, Economic Downfalls, and most recently, COVID-19, all play a significant hand in disrupting our Tourism Industry. In such circumstances, one cannot help but question, what is the way forward for Tourism in Pakistan? The answer lies in a simple-yet-not-so simple statement: Pakistan must breed sustainable Tourism.


Pakistan's tourism industry needs to create a shift from demand-driven tourism to one that is based on Global Sustainable Tourism Criterion. One could pass around this crucial responsibility to policymakers, tour operators, or hotel owners, but in the end, all three must align in order to drive the change needed. To ensure these values are integrated we must begin at the grass-root level, ideas not only need to be initiated at a micro level, but they must be protected and enabled with support from our Public Sector, and upheld by the various stakeholders of Pakistan’s Hospitality Industry. Only then, we can begin to imagine a sustainable future for the Tourism Industry of Pakistan.


As a priority, we need good investment in infrastructure, as well as efforts addressing potential sustainability and quality concerns, in order to portray the correct image of tourism destinations in Pakistan. There lies much promise in the land provided to us and many have already started the journey towards unveiling the hidden beauty of Pakistan. Although many challenges lie ahead, we must all play our hand to ensure that the foundations of this noble cause are built on safe, sustainable, and standardized principles.


Keeping all this in mind, GOHO rooms has been launched with the mission of making Pakistan accessible, affordable, and sustainable for everyone. Spearheaded by a team of motivated individuals, who have personally explored the hidden splendor of Pakistan, we aim to spark a revolution, where promoting tourism does not mean irresponsible practices and affordable does not mean sub-standard.

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