The Majestic Beaches of Balochistan


Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan, but there are some functional issues with it due to which it is not explored much by people yet. It is full of mesmerizing sights and breathtaking water views. Balochistan aligns with a comprehensive name of beaches and is thus famous for it too. The tourism industry in Balochistan is gradually getting on the excellence and coming on the track, and with each passing day, we can see new developments. You can even find hotels in Gawadar now and plan night camps at beaches with safety and facilities.

Here are some majestic beaches of Balochistan that you should know about:

1. Gadani: This is the closest beach to Karachi, and it is one of the most natural and pure sights to go. You can easily book a day trip since it takes just around 1.5 hours to reach (if you live in Karachi). You can get the best seafood, water rides like boating and jet, and much more. There is a facility of huts to your disposal, and you can avail one as you reach there.

2. Somani beach: This beach is well furnished and equipped with luxury services. The coastline is clean and highly family-friendly. You can stay overnight in camps and have fun. The only thing that turns me down from visiting is that a permit is required to enter since it is a private navy beach, and civilians cannot regularly enter. If you have contacts with the personnel, it is a good choice for you.

3. Ormara: On the coast of Makran, Ormara distinct itself as one of the most beautiful beaches. It was a hidden treasure for a long time, and now it is getting the recognition and attention it deserves. It is also near to the natural murals of rocks on your site. It is a perfect place for photographers and people who are seeking calm and peace in life. Ormara has a developed tourist function, and you can easily book your trip with anybody.

4. Kund Malir: It is in Winder, one of the most famous areas of Balochistan, and it is only a 1.5 hours’ drive from Ormara. You can visit both of these during your trip and double the fun. Kund Malir is out of the few first beaches that gained popularity among the masses, and it continues to mesmerize people.

5. Gawadar: This beach is a multi-functional blessing Pakistan has. Having been servicing as Pakistan’s most acceptable trade posts, Gawadar has brought out great benefit. It is now becoming widely popular in the market because of the developing facilities it offers. You can find food, camps, night stay trips, shopping centers, and hotels in Gawadar at your most accessible. It is a perfect break calling you for a relaxed and calm time.

If you are a person who deals with a lot of hustles in regular life, a beach trip is all you need. Get started by finding a plan today, and you will thank me for enlightening you over the beaches. Do not ask if you should take a trip, because the only correct answer is; YES.

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