Things To Do During Your Trip To Murree


The whole year people wait for winters because of the sweltering weather of Pakistan. But, many are wise enough to plan a trip to Murree during summers to experience the beauty of the country and enjoy cold weather between the stress of heat strokes that hits every year. Murree is the colder region in Punjab, and half of the country visits it during summers. Hotels in Murree are jam-packed with people between the mid of the year. If I say Murree most people might think that it is all about snow and cool breezes, but there are many things one can explore during the trip.

Here are the activities one can do in Murree:

1. Shop at mall road: People tend to shop more on trips to gather beautiful and cultural items for themselves or loved ones. Mall road is a busy street full of shops famous for items sold there. Everything is available at the shops to attract sightseers. One should look for unique things to keep as a remembrance of the trip.

2. Chair lift: The most fun activity is to enjoy chair lifts in Patriata. It will help you relish the view of beautiful hills and make you experience the magnificence of Murree, you will remember this experience forever. The trip will be more exciting and adventurous because a chairlift with a fantastic view is rare in Pakistan.

3. Kashmir point: It is the center of attention for most people, they visit Murree to explore Kashmir point and enjoy the mesmerizing view of high mountains and get to know how captivating this world is. People will enjoy being in Kashmir without being there.

4. Sozo Water park: To make the trip even more exciting, one should visit Sozo water park to enjoy different rides and become a child again. It is the largest park in Pakistan, making it a must-visit place. It also has a haunted house to recall all the childhood memories.

5. Build a snowman: Every child has heard of a snowman, and Murree is the best place to design one. It is one of the fun activities to construct a snowman with your friends or family and even arrange causal competition of who creates the best one.

6. Try new food and restaurants: Murree has several restaurants to try new and different recipes. One should also try street food because the taste of street food is way better than any 5-star hotel. Food with a view is like a dream come true.

Murree is full of beauty and adventures, and one will never regret planning a trip here. There are numerous luxurious hotels in Murree where people can stay while enjoying beautiful places to visit, and thrilling activities to do. Before heading on and starting the adventure, it is better to plan a layout and act accordingly. Inconvenience and problems are part of adventures but it is always great to be aware and ready for anything. Have fun visiting Murree this year.


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